Level cap?

I was curious if anyone is sure whether or not there's a level cap. The highest person in my server is Lvl. 60, have you guys seen anyone higher?


  • Cap is lvl 60
  • I am level 59 and feel the cap, because in Arena there arr never chars stringer than 60. Which means cap. Worst thing is not that, is that skills, and gear remain capped, and chars will have some gear or abilities at lvl 61 or 62. You may have everthing to enable it, and can't. This makes the game feel totally a WIP and not finished and when you hit that cap, it feels less real. I prefer a stronger exponential grond than an artificial cap. And if it's going to be a cap for it to be a cap like the star rating, where gear or abilities beyond the max level do not exist.
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