Poe Dameron Rework Idea

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Poe Dameron
Light Side, Tank, Resistance

Challenging Shot (Basic): Deal physical damage to target enemy and inflict offense down for 2 turns. If the target is debuffed, recover 5% health for each active Resistance ally.

Resistance Bravado (Special): Gain taunt for 2 turns and remove 25% turn meter from each enemy, with a 75% chance to expose them for 2 turns. Enemies inflicted with expose are also inflicted with buff immunity for 2 turns which can’t be resisted. (Cooldown 3)

Ace of the Resistance (Unique 1): Poe gains retribution and tenacity up for 1 turn whenever another Resistance ally is damaged by an exposed enemy. While Poe is active, exposed enemies can’t dispel debuffs from their allies. ZETA: Add taunt. While Poe is active, Resistance allies recover 20% protection whenever they are damaged by an out of turn attack.

Stand Firm (Unique 2): Poe has +40% potency, offense, and defense. Whenever he resists or suffers a debuff, he gains 5% max health and max protection (stacking) until the end of the encounter. If Finn is present, he also gains these bonuses. When Poe loses taunt, Finn gains taunt for 1 turn.
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  • Dang nice. This is really clever. I do have 1 issue with it thou. and that is that there is suck a focus on health recovery and none on protection. This bothers me since finn has 20% health and protection recovery on his special. Not to mention that poe is an agility tank, meaning he gains dodge chance, deflection chance, health and protection (finn gains Health steal, armor and protection, so there already is quite a bit of natural health recovery and not that much for protection).
    I think his 10% stacking max health should be 5% Max Health and Max Protection and his zeta should be 20% protection recovery. That synergises better with finn and makes them a strong duo.
    Other than that thou I have nothing to say about this kit. Really clever design. Well done.
  • This would be great, I just took Poe to gear 13 but he needs some help. Trying to build up Resistance, have them all at g12 except scavenger Rey, bb8, and rose who are at g11. Would be cool to see Holdo get a capital ship (the Raddus)
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