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  • How do you sleep at night knowing you ruined a great game, ignored the entire community, and acted like everything was good?
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    Also i run small 80-100mil guild with a number of players under a mil or around 1 mil .. biggest issue they have is unlocking nodes in fleet for b1 or shakti.. i use my g13 alpha as reinforcement for darkside and cantina and mod so they can start farming but theybare limited with fleet, could we get a fleet reinforcement put in game to help this out?

    I could run houndstooth as reinforcement if abled and get my whole guild farming new toons.

    Speaking of earlier insentives how bout a simple carbantine per time ally is used to unlock a new node for players under a specific gp???
  • Where's Darth Revan?
  • Are TB droideka's hardcoded to target Jolee like JKR targets Traya first?
  • Topic : Mace Windu Rework
  • 1) Which charecters in the game are a part of the Old Republic? Not which charecters have the tag, but actually are a part of the Old Republic?

    2) Now why dont they have the tag?

    3) Mace was already reworked in DSGEOTB, why not tune that for your rework? Since you clearly have not empathy or sympathy for the GoH community.

    4) I'll assume LSGEOTB is a poor joke, thank you for returning it to the same difficulty as DSGEO.

  • Man City or Liverpool to win the Premier League?
  • Since you're never able to release any new content without issues or bugs, why are you so against having a beta test server where "real" players will do actual testing? What's so difficult about it, when all this work will be done for free by us?
  • My main issue is that you’ve done a completely crap job of managing expectations, and of dealing with the aftermath of the shock (by completely hiding for two days). How hard would it have been to just make an announcement a couple weeks back that says:

    “ we’ve crafted this game mode to be insanely difficult, so that it will remain relevant throughout the life of the game. We want folks to still be challenged by the LS Geo TB five years from now, when their rosters are two or three times the size they are now, and we’ve made I future-proof for anticipated character power updates.

    With that in mind, even the strongest guilds currently in the game should expect to achieve only a handful of stars. However, we’ve made the rewards for even those worthwhile, so players will continue to engage with the event.”
  • Based on the amount of territory points that each territory requires to be maxed (p4 ship zone requires 453M to be maxed and you only get 137M from max combats), and considering the difficulty of the event, it's hard not to believe that LS GEOTB is tuned for something significantly better than relic tier 7 (both from a GP and difficulty perspective ). A guild with an average of 13 M GP/per player will be required to max this (considering perfect combats). So, question is what was the thought behind the difficulty and the amount of territory points that every zone requires ? Was it relic abilities, 6D-6A mods ? Because from p1-p2 footage, the TB is borderline unplayable for most of the community and its super underwhelming to get a least some sort of progress through gameplay (combat mission waves). Literally considering not playing this at all and just deploy all of our GP until our characters get better!
  • Group "mini" raids.

    Hear me out folks! What if, you could take one of your characters. Select "mini raid" and you and 4 others would be put into a room with a tough boss! Should you and the group complete the task, we could recieve, well even a stun gun would be cool! But you get the idea.

    What if, you could only do a set number of these, and then have to pay crystals to refresh like arena!

    And these bosses, we could start off with like 3 different rooms. Each room gives a peice of gear. Stun, Carb -cuffs!

    You might take away Leader abilities and replace each boss room with its own kinda synergy.

    It might be the best way to really integrate a MMo real time feel!
  • Q to CG_Artdude: Beyond the voices of the well-known actors from the movies (eg. Vader "Nooo") did you create all the sounds by yourselves, especially the death screams? :smile:
    Also, can you make a new login graphics? The current one is a little bit boring now.
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    I thought about this question and decided to go for it.

    It seems over this last year that the community morale has steadily declined and there are many vocal players that do not believe the developers are not concerned for the average, non-whale player. Admittingly, the developers did take several steps to help the community with the additions of GET2 to Hoth, Kryotechs to DS-GEO/Dailies, and a wonderful 4th Year Anniversary gifts. However, there have been two heavy progression systems, a lack of new playable content, and the new TB that is not designed for your average player, even at endgame. We also know that you are aware of this sentiment. Are there any plans in progress to help build up community morale and player trust in CG or do you feel that the vocal players only represent a minority of the overall playerbase for this game?
  • How many people do you have on staff?

    We know the game makes tens of millions of dollars monthly, why does it seem there is never “enough time or resources” to get things done well or in time?
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    What is the current status of Journey Guide and what's up with Darth Revan event, the previous reruns of it showed pattern that is now broken. Care to elaborate?
  • We received new TBs, first being DSTBs. Platoons being manageable because of release cadences, but with new rollout for ship platoons it is crippling and zero fun whatsoever. Understand the difficulty, but my only disconnect is unfarmable new ships. I’m good with vulture, just hyena and BTL being unable to platoon make ship battles miserable. Is that the intent, to make us miserable?
  • hola to the dev-team from south america!

    want to ask, if there are some ideas to make the arena and ship arena "payout-time" independent. for example payout at the reset-time, rewards for the best reached rank in the last 24 hours. would be another step in the quality of life ladder. (keyword: time-management)
    - joining the playout-time was a big thing, but many of us are in shard-chats and have less good possibilities to reach rank 1.
    thanks and saludos!
  • The calendar for December did not show any legendary, hero's journey, or ancient journey events. Are there plans to have them available this month, or will they be pushed to January?
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    Question: Template?
    I need a new message here.
  • When will General Hux, First Order Sith Trooper be coming to the game?
  • Apart from the sheer extreme difficulty of the new LSTB, how on earth is it fair in this type of one-chance-only content to include such a significant level of RNG? If you can't even remotely prepare for a certain enemy squad and abilities etc in battles that even full Relic-7 Squads are getting beaten in, then what is the point?
    This is supposed to be a GAME, games are supposed to be FUN/ENJOYABLE!!
  • How many people do you have on staff?

    We know the game makes tens of millions of dollars monthly, why does it seem there is never “enough time or resources” to get things done well or in time?

    Quoting myself because I really want an answer.
  • This is the worst format of a q&a. Get you stuff together. Making us refresh the page to see updated posts is horrible. Just do a live stream and answer things on the fly.

    That being said. Quit cherry picking comments and answer big the elephant in the room
  • Do you project your annual budget using the sunken cost theory players?
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    ...double tap
  • Jamerson wrote: »
    This is the worst format of a q&a. Get you stuff together. Making us refresh the page to see updated posts is horrible. Just do a live stream and answer things on the fly.

    That being said. Quit cherry picking comments and answer big the elephant in the room

    I wish people would just stop asking these cupcake questions that have no relevance. It just make it easier for them to ignore the hard questions.
  • Do you guys consider the implications of your decisions? As a guild we chose to do LS Hoth but lost several players who wanted to try LS Geo. We felt it was beneficial for the stars and achievements of our lower GP members, but understood feelings of some members. Now by cancelling it due to your own bugs, we have lost members and received no benefit from the TB, despite there being nothing wrong with the Hoth TB. Therefore we are being penalised in many ways by your decisions, and would like to know how you can possibly compensate for this absurd debacle?
  • Is there any plan to include a game mode where you can spar with your guild-mates? For example, either a live battle or post your team to the guild chat and have other people hit it to test it and give you feedback?
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