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I have a question. Are we going to see the fully crafted pieces extend past the top 10 to just say the top 20? 10 players that always score in the top 10 advance at a lot more accelerated rate when they constantly get the full pieces. In a higher guild we only get 1 run per phase so it needs to count. The ones who always fall out of the top 10 get rewarded with slower progression. There are very few ways for these players outside of the top 10 to surpass their guildmates due to the restriction (without the means of just buying the pieces). Its hard to call a guild a team when 20 percent of them can build better rosters while the others have to "get good"


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    It seems unlikely seeing as how they vastly expanded the availability of these pieces since the launch of the raid. I guess you never know though.
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    It should have been brought to light when everyone figured out the "cheese". Hitting 20 mil on a raid for 12th place hurts a little when you can be beaten by a loop
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    I just hope they figure out a better solution for future raids. Like top 10 have 30% chance of fully crafted gear and each tier below loses 5% chance. But let everyone have some chance
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    I think many guilds are hitting this limit. And now with SLK soloing the raid...

    CG: Please help guilds out with this.

    It's completely unfair that only 10 guild members get top 10 rewards, as valuable as they are, in guilds that have one or more SLK's, and multiple other guild members who earn 70M plus. Everyone in the guild who participates is fighting for the same pieces, and everyone deserves them, but randomness determines who gets them.


    Sim-able Sith Raid would be completely acceptable at this point, as it's been out for 2 years, and there's now a full-solo squad for the raid.

    (Oh yeah, and Haat, Too. But who cares about Haat? Rewards are barely worth mentioning Haat for.)
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