RC-1136 "Darman" and Etain Tur-Mukan


Name: RC-1136 "Darman"
Alignment: Light
Tags: Tank, Clone Trooper, Omega Squad, Galactic Republic

Tough Clone tank that soaks up damage for his allies.

Basic: Commando Training: Deal physical damage to target enemy. Target enemy loses 50% turn meter.

Special 1: Demolitions Man: Deal special damage to all enemies equal to 25% of their maximum health. Bypasses protection. Starts on cooldown of 4.

Special 2: Mandalorian Upbringing: For 3 turns if an ally recieves damage, instead Darman takes that damage and the ally is healed for that much damage. Darman cannot be defeated this way. Starts on cooldown of 5.

Unique: Omega Squad: If all allies are Omega Squad, Darman's maximum health and protection are doubled. [ZETA: Allies maximum health and protection are increased by 50% as long as Darman is alive.]

Name: Etain Tur-Mukan
Alignment: Light
Tags: Support, Jedi, Omega Squad, Galactic Republic

Jedi support that clenses and assists allies.

Basic: Guiding Strike: Deal physical damage to target enemy and dispell all buffs.

Special: Motherly Instincts: Etain dispells all debuffs on her allies, instead giving them to herself.

Unique 1: Lovers in War: If RC-1136 "Darman" is an ally he will assist whenever Etain attacks. [ZETA: If Etain is defeated when RC-1136 "Darman" is an ally, grant Darman offense up and speed up until the end of the encounter.]

Unique 2: Omega Squad: If all allies are Omega Squad, Etain gains foresight and deals 75% more damage to Separatist enemies. Etain will assist whenever an Omega Squad ally uses a basic ability.
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