RC-1309 "Niner" and RC-3222 "Atin"

Following up from my Darman and Etain kits: https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/discussion/220256/rc-1136-darman-and-etain-tur-mukan#latest

Here's my kits for Niner and Atin. Fi will be my last one in this set.

Name: RC-1309 "Niner"
Alignment: Light
Tags: Attacker, Leader, Clone Trooper, Omega Squad, Galactic Republic

Powerful Clone attacker who lays down fire for his allies.

Basic: Second Chance: Deals physical damage to target enemy. Deals damage twice if all allies are Omega Squad.

Special: Squad Orders: Call target ally to assist. If the ally is Omega Squad deal 25% more damage.

Leader: Omega Sergeant: At the start of each encounter the weakest three allies are given stealth for 2 turns. For every stealthed ally, Omega Squad allies deal 35% more critical damage and resist 20% of incoming damage.

Unique: Omega Squad: If all allies are Omega Squad, Niner can counter whenever he or another ally is attacked for 40% less damage. [ZETA: Damage loss reduced to 25% less.]

Name: RC-3222 "Atin"
Alignment: Light
Tags: Attacker, Clone Trooper, Omega Squad, Galactic Republic

Brutal Clone attacker focused on defeating the enemy.

Basic: Survival of the Fittest: Deal physical damage to target enemy and to the weakest enemy.

Special 1: Sabotage: Stun target enemy and give them one stack of Malfunction (maximum of 3 stacks.)

Malfunction: Target deals 20% less damage for all attacks and cannot be healed. At 3 stacks the target cannot be revived.

Special 2: Survivor's Guilt: Deal special damage to all enemy units. If an ally has fallen below 50% health increase the damage dealt by 30%.

Unique: Omega Squad: If all allies are Omega Squad, Atin deals 45% more damage on his basic and 25% more damage when using Survivor's Guilt. [ZETA: Atin cannot fall below 50% health until all allies have been defeated.]
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