Did we really need t3m4?

Of all the old republic characters we recieved I feel like the one that is the least useful is t3m4. Understandably the droid played a much larger role in the knights of the old republic games but in this game t3 lacks any synergy with any other toons except hk47 and that's just because they are both droids. Aside from being co pilot of the ebon hawk, t3 comes off like a severely lacking knock off of r2 possessing 2 zetas but since both only apply to droids this puts it at a great disadvantage and ending up being left to collect dust unless players use it on a grievous led droid team.


  • Mzee
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    Not every character they release is useful for something. He still has more usage than some of the other characters introduced. Body is the first to come to mind. The Ebon Hawk at least is a decent ship. It just doesn't have synergy with anything.
  • You pretty much go it. T3 is essential to a GG nuke team, but outside of that he's not really super useful. He doesn't really have anything that can synergize with the other OR toons(which is sad). Maybe if/when they add IG-11, we will have some more droids to break off into a separate team rather than the usual GG nuke squad. Maybe the 3 IG droids, T3, and probe droid or something like that?
  • CCyrilS
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    He was also good for taking down JKR with JTR droids before Chewie came along.
  • Apparently yes, the reason is JK Revan. Also, it grants a bunch of 8% buffs + a lot of defence avoid with 2 zetas on T3
  • I plan to keep my T3 at G8 because he's useless to me. Just using the other 4 for Malak.
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