Journey Guide - Galactic Legends

Hello there (again) Holotable Heroes!

We revealed some of the reasons why we’re excited about the Journey Guide and the future of events last week, but there is one more thing to reveal before the Journey Guide is released into the Cantina. The Journey Guide is going to introduce the newest type of character to the holotables: Galactic Legends. The Galactic Legend designation will be reserved for some of the most famous and powerful characters in the galaxy and the Journey Guide will be your path to unlocking them. We’ll be sharing more about what makes a Galactic Legend special and how to unlock them down the road, but for now I have the honor of revealing who the first two Galactic Legends will be:


To avoid any plot spoilers, these aren’t the final in-game names. We will unveil the final names at some point following the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Stay tuned, and we’ll see you on the holotables!
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