The Knights of Ren are not Sith...

Unless CG is just completely spoiling ep 9 for us and something massive has changed....

The first order are not sith. Kylo's name is not Darth Kylo, it is Kylo Ren, he is a Ren NOT a Sith, and while I can see him switching factions in ep 9, that would be a plot point you are spoiling for us if true.

The Sith Trooper should not have a First Order tag based on current disney cannon.



  • It's a First Order design. It's in the Sequel Trilogy on the bad guy side. They're working alongside the First Order.
    It's a First Order character. We can have non-sith and sith work together.
  • The Sith Trooper isn't part of the Knights of Ren. We don't even know yet if they'll be working for Kylo's FO or Palps' new Palpy thingy.
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