Arc Trooper - false urgency

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Is CG going to comment on the false urgency they created by having a deadline to have a character ready (forcing spending if you wanted to get your guild Ki shards), only to cancel the event?

I mean farming 330 shards at 700 crystals a day (5 refreshes), would only take roughly 17 days. I bought packs to ensure I’d be ready, but that was now clearly not worth it. Can CG a at least acknowledge this issue?


  • Jarvind
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    I'm quite sure you can still use those crystals on other things.

  • Ask for a refund on the packs then...
  • Ultra
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    Urgency was player created. We know TB was going to repeat itself every month. You chose to finish ARC in time for the first run of the TB

    ARC is still a meta toon for arena, so its not a total loss

    EDIT: Looking at your other thread, YaeVizla summed it up perfectly
  • CG never specifically said you must farm ARC for Mundi shards.

    People just assumed it.

    Plus without R7 I doubt you would've even beat phase 1/4
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