Which should i put on 5th slot?

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  • Gifafi
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    I'd get wat to 85 first
  • Jango would be good in that spot. Anyway, I tend to put Wat with GG and then do Nute, Dooku, Nest, Jango, Droideka. I miss Jango with my bounty hunters. But when I look at my GA defense and see that this team required 8 battles for my opponent to beat, I can live with that.
  • Sun fac and play geos undersized on offence
  • Jango. I’ll be utilizing the same team once I unlock Wat, most likely, in TW for defense. I like Dooku lead in GAC ok defense, putting the right people around him makes it easy for the opponent to lose both health and protection on all enemies in the first round
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