Baby Yoda

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Baby Yoda: Light Side, Support

Basic: 25% chance to heal target ally by 50% of max health. If not, give ally health steal up, retribution and protection up (25%) for 2 turns.

Special 1: Dispell all debuffs and reapply the opposite buffs for 2 turns on all allies. Then apply (Baby Yodas Guidance) (undispellable) on target ally for 2 turns.

Baby Yodas Guidance: Target gains taunt, critical hit immunity, defense up, retribution, tenacity up and protection up 50%.

Special 2: Apply (undispellable) daze on target ally for 2 turns, heal all allies for 20% max health, 10% max protection and apply (Disadvantage) on all enemies for 4 turns.

Disadvantage: Next hit on target enemy will be a critical hit. Disadvantage automatically expires when used. [Bypasses critical hit immunity]

Unique 1: (Too Adorable To Kill): Baby Yoda gains stealth for 3 turns at the start of the encounter. If Baby Yoda is hit while he is stealthed he gains 15% TM and applies (Guilt) on the enemy who hit him.

Guilt: -25% damage on next attack.

Unique 2: (The Kid): [Unlocks at G11] Baby yoda cannot be defeated. Once reduced to 1% health Baby Yoda falls asleep. If Mando is present he becomes enraged and gains 100% offense up, Critical hit immunity, defense up 50%, critical damage up 50%, tenacity up 50% and critical chance up 50% until the rest of the encounter.

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