Getting 3 stars in Rey Hero's Journey Tier VI (6) - How it's done w/ Journey Guild

If you are like me and are going through the Journey Guild trying to get three stars for every battle in there, you might be having trouble with getting three stars in Rey Hero's Journey Tier VI (6).

The problem is that once Kylo loses his protection, he will stun Rey and keep her stunned until Finn dies. Finn needs to survive in order for you to get three stars so.....what is the secret?

In my case, my Rey & Finn are far more powerful now than they were when I first did the event a LONG time ago. As you cannot lose gear, levels, abilities, omegas or zetas etc... there is one thing you can do to make your toons less powerful. Remove all the mods! (Make sure you save the load-out first!)

Also, put Rey in the leader slot so that you cannot take advantage of Finns leadership bonus.

When you battle Kylo, only do basic attacks or attacks that do no damage. Make sure Kylo keeps his protection for a long as possible. After 6 turns, once the lightsaber ability appears on the bottom right, click/tap it and you are done.



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