GAC information on 3rd party platform

I have not agreed a 3rd party platform to openly show my GAC fights. This information how I do defense/offense is not meant to be open to all public. No one should get this intel free of charge - thats the only advantage you can get in a fight vs a ki.

If someone is cheating its CGs job not ours to find. Whats the point of this whole GAC openly just devaluates the whole GAC further.

The opponents name and roster should be NOT viewable till the point the game is over! No free pts like i have seen in some other top10 players by guildmates setting trash teams - everyone must fight by himself.

GAC information on 3rd party platform 12 votes

Dont publish GAC data - I like a challenge!
Sparkle361XKurareXMrPancakeGuy 3 votes
Publish GAC data only yourself (see opponent by yourself) - I am curious!
flux_ronoDrBurninatorXxDougyDougyxXA_ARON41JTC3 5 votes
Publish all GAC data - I playshooters with wall-hack, I must know everything!
YOLOBobbyJimmyJamCyricusReyn_Khuprus 4 votes
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