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    The more I think of TROS, the more issues I seem to have with it.

    * Final Order command ship is taken down together with the navigational info required by the fleet to leave the system and wage havoc on the galaxy - but somehow it also causes the fleet to fall from the sky. Additionally it causes an unrelated fleet (the first order scattered across the galaxy) to also fall from the sky, without any kind of logical reason.

    * Palpatine's plan is to have Rey kill him so she can rule, she refuses so he uses the life force between Kylo & Rey to heal him so he could continue rule as Emperor/Dark Lord - well then why wasn't that his plan in the first place, rather than actually wanting to die?

    * Lightspeed skipping - takes time to plug into computer to chart a course - a ship cannot merely skip destination to destination without error - lightspeed calculations were explained by Han in the OT. Additionally the pursuing TIE fighters are short-range fighters and lack the ability for lightspeed, so how could they follow, and if they could follow, how could they track random hyperspace jumps? The whole thing is pretty illogical.

    * Leia's death. They ran out of unused footage so killed her off. She spoke to Kylo through the force for a mere moment and that killed her? Also if she could have an impact on redeeming Kylo, why didn't she do that ages ago?

    * Sith dagger - would depend where along the coast and distance from the Death Star wreckage as to how the dagger "map" would line up, revealing the wayfinder's location. Convenient I guess.

    * Sith fleet - would take a monumental amount of workforce to make those ships and with what money and resources? the Empire was gone.

    * Force healing and stopping death - a power so sought after it was the cause of Anakin's fall to the darkside, yet everyone seems to randomly have this power that the force personified didn't?

    * Luke's X-wing was in complete disrepair in TLJ, yet it rose completely functional and intact ready for use in TROS.

    * Luke's X-wing was named "Red 5" in TROS, the designation of Luke's ship during the battle of Yavin, not once he was a commander and leader of Rogue Squadron thereafter, in which case his X-wing was "Rogue Leader", not "Red 5".

    * C3P0 was built in a little hovel in the slave quarter of Tatooine's, Mos Espa by a 10 year old Anakin - I guess Anakin followed Republic droid legislation by installing a program that would prevent his protocol droid from deciphering the ancient language of a civilization who had been extinct for 1000 years - Ya, that makes sense.

    * In TFA the Jedi, Sith and the Force were nothing more than mere legends, stories or myth. But everyone in TROS talks about Jedi and Sith as if it were all so suddenly common knowledge - nice continuity!

    I am sure there are more issues, but that is but a few I can think of at this point. Crazy silly writing/plot points in my opinion.

    I can literally explain all of these details to you except the Rogue/Red 5 thing because I don’t remember right now.

    But it seems you’re either not thinking things through or just jumping to conclusions based on your saltiness.

    I'd love to hear them, just as @jhbuchholz put forward his explanation - short concise, logical etc.
  • Interesting. I would have enjoyed this more.

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    At the end of the day, yes Snoke "died" in TLJ, but Palpatine also "died" in ROTJ - if they brought back Palpatine, then they could have brought back Snoke - it would have been far less damaging to the prior movies and major character arcs than bringing back Palpatine, if they had brought back Snoke.

    Especially if it was determined that Snoke was in fact Plagueis - his escaping death etc. would fit perfectly with the character as to how he could have survived.

    Just my 2 cents on that issue.
  • Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
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    LordDirt wrote: »

    That along with TLJ are undoubtedly the most lore and character breaking of the entire franchise.

    Entertaining (as it was) does not make it a good movie, nor a good star wars movie if you ignore and purposefully discard the established world of the franchise.
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