Guilds and lack of new Hsith data

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Ok so started a new gac power house for obviously gac and tw and cant join a guild because this YouTube crap is old.
1 you can clear all the way to nest with 3 g11 geo pilots and a 4s vulture droid
2 geos get you padme and any good padme team hits hsith phase one close to jtr
3 gp is inportant to control not only for gac but tw placement

Bottom line would any of you YouTube people make a new hsith strat because all this jtr required stuff well Lmaf

And uh if you don't try to farm everything you can refarm for shards and buy premium gear

I'm sorry you ffd up but the game did change do any of you plan to change with it in new player advice because current advice out there is at least a year ol
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