Guilds and lack of new Hsith data



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    We all know you only steal ideas no ideas of yer own

    Whether they have original ideas or not is irrelevant. They bring those ideas to the attention of a larger audience.
  • Monel
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    This is the best thread ever! Thank you OP
  • Many thax to Greg and skull for taking up the cause.There are so many new players out there looking at old stuff. Just for example saw a full auto reven haat solo the other day. That being said why wouldn't anyone talk about it. I get you can kill the same haat with whatever you've been using for years. The new players don't need to approach the the game the same way we did.
  • I would suggest new players focus on new revans,clones,yet grievous stuff. Let's the older player solo the hsith.Dont try to rush to Jtr because there's a new fist order rework in progress. Most old players are like old dogs and new tricks. Just do what I did and as I tell you.
  • As a person that just started my own all are giving old and bad advice. I'm now hearing that old and bad on a daily basis. I suggest you do yer thing,and let others do their own.
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    Stealth recruitment?
    I need a new message here.
  • Na I'm not recruiting anyone...well unless free to play. How can you recruit with the hyperdrive bundle. I don't want anyone who bought that thing. How many level 80 g8 junk toons? How could anyone win a territory war carrying that much junk power? Clearly you cant run bh with no jango or ns with no zombie...need I go on? That bundle was crap, designed to give you part of something and want more.
  • Hell why not..Island of Deamonreach. If you bought hyperdrive you will be kicked. Dont worry about raids. I'll handle those just farm what you want and stay focused on those teams.
  • Hey just saying everyone screwed up their main accounts.farmed dumb stuff, but I want a real accounts, learned from mistakes, or band new! I dont want wallet warriors.
  • Ih crap did I say 90% player meant 90%:revenue
  • Work that out yerself
  • Glad you made a billion but that's a one time shot do you really care?
  • dear lord this post made my day!
  • Alright I quite the game but let's actually think about it.
  • Did the star trek discovery thing how much of a joke was that.
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