Indestructible GBA?

I fought a GBA and brute that didnt take any direct damage from any squad I sent at them. The only health/protection loss they took was equalizing with spy and sun fac. Once those 2 were dead gna and brute took no damage. Even a prob droid direct explosion on alpha did zero health or protection when I had down to only alpha and brute. Is there a way my opponent is cheating? Or is this a bug?


  • Combat is resolved on the attacker's device using data pulled from the game servers. The defender is not involved and has no way to cheat even if they wanted to.
  • If there is a bug it sure is crappy to lose GAC over it. I sent strong teams that couldnt do any damage. R3 assaj NS vs solo alpha and brute did no damage.
  • It could be a bug but it's pretty rare in this game.
  • If you see some strange behavior it's better to tell what your attacking team is and take some screenshots. From what you describe is looks like a bug (especially zero damage from Probe) but there are some scenarios where it's possible to kill some of geos with others been in full health/prot.
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