Unlock 3PO at 5*; last character for Rebel Squad


I need some advice. While I was doing my daily farming for Revan I realized that my Rebel Squad is incomplete (3PO is missing 😁).

So for now I am an Ewok Farmer.

Those are what I currently have:


I have replaced Logray with the Scout because, as mentioned before, there are some other farmings I have also to take care of.

I know that I can’t unlock him at 7*, but for now 5* are enough for me as the other two stars are only granting him some more health.

So, where should I focus to unlock him?

Thanks and Happy Holidays 🙂.


  • Gifafi
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    I can't rememberhow 5* went, but for 7 you will want chirpa L (with zeta), ewok elder, paploo, logray and wicket. g9 zchirpa, g12 elder, g11 others is what I had. I also had zetas on logray and wickt but they may not be needed. I've also heard lower geared can work, but you need chirpa zeta, and EE higher geared than the others.

    for 5* you may be ok with the ones you have, but maybe someone else can tell you better. Also, I can't tell what g-level those are. good luck!
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • khelzac
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    edited December 2019
    Zeta on Chirpa helps a ton. G9-10 across them all should make unlock easy.

    I used zChirpa, Elder, Paploo, Scout and Wicket for 7* unlock too.
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