Revenge of Álderaan is Recruiting (214M GP, 26-27⭐️DS Geo TB, 10-11⭐️LS Geo TB)

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Revenge of Álderaan ( is currently recruiting. We are an organized guild with about 214 million GP at capacity. Most of our members are free to play but we do have a few pay to play members. Everyone is friendly and helpful and our rules are simple.

Guild Rules:
Discord is required.
Member accounts must be sync'd on
We require a minimum of 540 tickets/day and encourage 600.
Participation in Territory Battles is required.
Joining Territory Wars is optional but participation is required for those who join.

Guild Events:
We are currently running DS Geo TB with 26-27 stars and 16-21 Wat shards.
We are currently running LS Geo TB with 10-11 stars and 1 KAM shard.
All raids are run on heroic with a 24 hour join period. HAAT and HSTR are free for all.
  • Heroic Pit is simmed at 12:00 AM UTC.
  • Heroic Tank Takedown starts at 2:00 AM UTC.
  • Heroic Sith Triumvirate starts at 1:00 AM UTC.
  • Guild reset is at 10:30 PM UTC

Ideal candidates will either have 3.8M+ GP or have at least 3 of the following squads at gear level 12:
Padme Galactic Republic, Shaak Ti Clones, Jedi Knight Revan Jedi, Separatist Droids, Geonosians or Sith Empire with Darth Malak.

If you are interested, apply in-game or contact us through our recruitment server on Discord at
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