Best gear level for ewoks for c3p0 event

My c3p0 is currently at 5 stars. My ewok squad ranges in gear levels of gear 9 to 12 with only Paploo and logray being the ewoks without a zeta. I really want to get c3p0 done without going crazy on resources for a squad that really doesnt have any good use outside of like 2 events. I've already gotten nearly all my old republic and sith empire toons up to gear 13 for Darth malak and I really dont want to have to go through that much trouble for a squad that doesnt get much use anywhere else.


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    That was mine. I havent upgraded any of them since completing. It was a challenge without wicket, but patience and RNG won out eventually. If yours are any better you should be fine.
  • V01D
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    I had Chirpa G9, Wicket G11, Elder G12, Paploo G10 and Logray G9.
    Only zeta was on Chirpa's lead
  • Depends on how much you want to bang you head on the wall,the more the better,but i think you can clear it from what you are saying it.

    The good thing with journey guide is you can go and test it few times,if you feel like you wont be able to do it,upgrade someone.I'll just mention you need luck as well,chewie at least not to be stealthed couse he needs to die first.
  • Diomedes1981
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    I had the following:

    Elder- G12
    Chirpa- G10, zeta
    Paploo- G9
    Wicket- G11
    Teebo- G-8

    Missing a few omegas.

    I changed my mods around ad nauseam but settled with avg mods. Avg speed was probably around 200. I had Scout at G9 but he wasn't cutting it. Believe I tried about 20 times a day when I felt like trying it when the journey guide came out, but overall it was the most frustrating event to date for me.

    Higher gear and Logray would make it easier but I just didn't want to invest and was nowhere near having Logray.
  • Juzz
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    I used g11 zChirpa, Paploo, Wicket, Logray and g12 Elder.

    It takes some RNG and you need to use Paploo basic at the begtining of the fight to get rid of taunt and be able to target Chewie.
    If elder is killed before you get a move you'll need to restart event as you won't make it
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    Here's the team I used.
  • Depends on who you use. I found that Scout actually hurt my team. If you have logray, paploo, and wicket, you can do it with much less gear. I used a g9 teebo, and everyone else was g11 or g12.

    I still think it was RNG that let me win.
  • Seku
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    I beat the event and got 7* C3P0 with;
    G11 zChirpa
    G11 zWicket
    G11 zLogray
    G11 zPaploo
    G11 Teebo

    edit: so you don’t need Elder, if there’s a will there’s a way :)
  • Strategy is also very important. Use Wicket to try and keep Elder under stealth so he can just keep healing and reviving. That’s how I did it with all g11. Speed on both will help and health on Elder.
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