Wat tambor shards missing?!

Sooo our entire guild hasn’t been getting the special mission rewards, no wat no acklay get tokens, were probably 100 wat shards and who knows how much currency short. Really sucks anyone else having this issue? Q&A soon maybe they’ll mention it


  • Gifafi
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    Your whole guild beat the wat mission twice this ga?
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • The wording was a bit weird, probably about 20 clears received 2 wat shards and no get currency from an equalish amount of acklay clears
  • We didn't get ours either. They patched the server on January 9th to try to fix the problem, but it definitely didn't fix it for us. I would like to hear an update from them on this issue. Are they still working on it?
  • We're going on 4+ months missing and requesting help with missing Wat shards and Acklay GET's. Same response each time, "We're working on it" Same bug also effected the KAM shards and then "We fixed it, we'll figure something out later for missing shards" Kicking this can down the road is getting really old.
  • Sooo still getting improper wat drops. 19 completions. 7 shards rewarded.
  • We have received 2 reimbursements of 12 shards which doesn’t even cover all this accrued loss
  • TVF
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    Since it hasn't been asked yet, I'll ask.

    Are you positive those were all clears or are you looking at the counter that only shows attempts?
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