Developer Q&A - 01/10/2020


  • Will there be any more Resistance Ships? And will Holdo have a capital ship if there are more, because she definitely should.
  • If i remember correctly you guys were thinking about some sort of PBE (like a Testacount for everyone). Is this still a thing? Because i think you guys could realy take profit from us players helping you test some stuff.
  • Nauros
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    Are there any more plans for ground vehicle battles? I remember them being mentioned in some previous Q&A, but not much beyond the vague possibility.
  • Do you have an answer to the question asked last Q&A about allowing guilds to choose whichever TB they want?

    Also CG_Crumb. Many members feel you ghosted the community after your initial responses. Do you think that’s a valid position for the community members to take? Was the community being arbitrary in its expectations on a response?
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    hola devs, todo bien?

    want to ask, if there are plans to make the arenas payout independent of an exact payout hour?
    many of us are in a shard-chat, but that‘s why we have in reality less possibilities to join our best payout time. the free choice of the payout was a big step, no question!

    perhaps payout is our reset time and we get rewards for the highest reached rank in the last 24 hours.

    could be another step in the quality of life and a better time-management.

    gracias y saludos!
  • Do you guys know about the bug on fives? And can we expect a fix?
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    same question since September 2019 : will you make easy gearing from g7 to g12?
  • is the slow shop bug going to get fix any time soon?
  • New raid?
  • In the last year or so there has been a fair bit of criticism of the increasing complexity of new character kits and corresponding praise of certain simple yet well designed kits. Have you ever considered a game mode limited to characters with simpler kits (those with at most 4 abilities, for example) to highlight some of those characters and let newer players learn game mechanics in a simpler environment?
  • Hi everyone o/

    Could you clarify the "ignores defense" characteristic found at some offense abilities?
    Does it include all 3 physical survivability stats (Armor, Dodge, Crit Avoid)?
    If yes, what happens if that ability hits a character with 100% crit avoid?
  • Was Malevolence not being allowed in DS Geo originally because of the delay in his release? Are plans in motion to allow him to be usable with DS Geo?
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    Ben Solo.

    That is all.

    And I know, I know, you might say that based on the Rise of Skywalker alone there's not a whole lot to build a kit around -- but I'd remind you to keep "Ow" in mind. With that as your drawing board, it's more like what CAN'T you do, y'know?

    So yeah.
    Ben Solo.

    And regardless, thanks to the devs for all your continued hard work & passion for the game. <3
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    -You once talked about an upcoming new raid. Is this still one of your current project? And if so, What era would it be set in?

    - What’s the timeline on 6* purple Mods? We saw sneak peek at it when relics were revealed. Will we have it by the end of the year? By fall, Summer, spring or sooner then we except? Will there also be a level cap increase along with this?

    - Hope you are all doing well in the start of the New Decade!!

  • 1) When can we hope the GA matchmaking to improve? I am constantly paired with opponents who have 300k or more on me and usually 10-15 more G13 characters. Taking the fun out of this game mode. This GA I had opponents who had 350k, 540k and 530k on me.
    2) On similar topic. Can TW matchmaking please take into account the amount of members who joined the TW? We have been sandbagged a few times and it is not a good feeling.
    3) Can we get a QoL update so we get a analyze phase after TB ends?
    4) HAAT sim - When? Also maybe improve the rewards there, totally outdated.
    5) Single player raid coming anytime? Not a daily one like GW but something better with nice rewards.
  • With the release of Geonosis Territory Battles, a 3-on-3 battle structure was introduced (You vs Jedi vs Acklay and You vs Droids vs Reek). Will this type of 3-on-3 battle structure ever be released outside of Territory Battles? And are there plans to expand on this battle structure, such as you vs two other players or you vs another player vs AI?

    What constitutes a "Galactic Legend"? Obviously, Jedi Luke would make the cut, however how is it decided that someone is so legendary they deserve this title?

    You mentioned that Relics will eventually grant certain characters new abilities - Will these abilities be tied to different relic abilities (IE one character gets an ability at Relic 3 while another at Relic 7), and will they have to be fully unlocked from the relic, or will we have to use ability mats to level them up, or would it be another case-by-case basis?

    Will Relics ever go beyond Tier 7?

    Will Tuskens ever get a rework/more characters?

    Hondo Ohnaka when
  • art:
    have you guys noticed that the current stance from the light saber duel in the game cover makes no sense?
    Its either Rey that has her lightsaber on the back of kylo's and with just one move could decapitate Kylo
    or they other way around, like either have no way to defend it or are preventing to strike in front of them so they wont fall.
  • Also can we please change GA ties so that the one with less GP wins? It currently benefits the larger GPs when they already have a heads up by having larger GP.
  • What are your thoughts about having a passive character (e.g. C-3PO/Wat) as a leader for a faction?

    The first character that comes to mind would be Jabba the Hutt for Bounty Hunters. It would provide a completely different dynamic and an opportunity to explore new interactions.
  • QoL: ship squads preloads, please!!! someday near?

    and Mod management, can there be additional improvements that wont break the game? filtering and instant upgrade/sell ?
  • Why are some high profile players who received lifetime bans on their accounts allowed to play on with accounts they either purchased or were given by someone else? Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of a ban?
  • When are we getting insight about relic abilities?

    Are they going to be unlocked once reaching G13 or R7 or in-between?

    Because of the success that Jedi:Fallen Order had, are you considering adding NS Merrin to the game? #MakeNSMetaAgain

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    Jar-Jar Binks would be a fantastic Galactic Legend! Will he ever be? If not as a galactic legend, will he ever appear as a playable character?
  • Ultra
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    Q: Are we going to get General Poe Dameron?
    A: Tophat - Yep, there's another Poe is coming to the game. We will have more to say soon

    Really appreciate you guys confirming unannounced content in Q&A now. In the past Q&A, you confirmed datamined mythic raids. I hope we get more concrete answers about new content instead of the usual “we cannot comment”
  • Do you think Arteta will achieve great things at Arsenal?
  • With the addition of the new ship raid... is there any chance a Jango Fett will be getting his ship this year?!? 😁
  • Star Wars universe has life day though @CG_TopHat
  • How is this live, where's the video feed?
  • I know you guys are still working on alot of rise of Skywalker content, but I was wondering if you guys plan on revisiting older heroes

    I know you won't make as much money off of them, but icons like Darth Vader, mace windus, Darth sidious, Phasma, etc. Are just so out of place. They have like 4 lines of ability descriptions while characters today have around 20
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