Developer Q&A - 01/10/2020


  • Instead of Christmas rewards give us “Life Day” rewards.... would be thematically correct.... and not “offend” anyone... we’re whaling hard out here...
  • When do we get a profile pic for GG? He has multiple images in game (such as the one on the Aat raid and the one used for Packs) so you wouldn't have to create new art just for the profile and it'd be nice for him to have one
    Lets be honest, Lego Star Wars the Skywalker saga is going to be more polished, fun and overall better than Swgoh could ever be
  • CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    TOPIC: Galactic Legends

    Q: Why is it taking so long for these new kylo and rey events. Its always exciting when new characters come but we've been looking at these characters and empty blocks for quite sometime.
    • A: Miller - We're trying something different with these two characters in announcing them ahead of time. This is so that players will be able to prepare ahead of time and not have to panic farm when the event is announced. Our plan is to have something to you before the end of this month in terms of what you'll be needing to unlock each Galactic Legend.

    So what exactly do we need so we can start working on it now and not panic later?

  • Q: Hey! The Hyper Drive Bundle was amazing even for such long-term player as me. So many useful gear and materials. I really liked it. For the first time ever a bundle included a zeta materials. Can we expect new packs/bundles in the future with zeta materials? That would be awesome for new and long-term players
    A: Cyanides - Great question! We've debated internally a lot about selling zetas, and I have personally been on both sides of the argument as time has gone on. The Hyperdrive bundle was the first time we sold zetas straight up, and I decided that a bundle as monumental as the Hyperdrive bundle would be a great place to do this. This is a bit of rambling to answer your question, but I would like to find more opportunities to include zetas in merchandising. When and how we do this is still in question though.

    Did someone seriously send in this question or is this a marketing gimic for when you start selling more and more stuff?
  • CG_RagingSpaniard

    Great work on the artistic design of the Journey Guide. Epic.

    As the game continues to progress, will we see updates to existing artistry (ex. Holotable main screen) or will that be limited to new events and characters?

    — Calciron
  • Wow.....26 questions asked. Not a single one answered. Including questions I have been asking for the past six months.....I don't expect them all to be answered, but not even a single one? Wow...

    Not even the question about TB rotations was answered.

    I typically don't post negative things, so this will be about as harsh as I get…..
    I am disappointed.
  • Lio
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    Wow.....26 questions asked. Not a single one answered. Including questions I have been asking for the past six months.....I don't expect them all to be answered, but not even a single one? Wow...

    Not even the question about TB rotations was answered.

    I typically don't post negative things, so this will be about as harsh as I get…..
    I am disappointed.

    To be fair, you expected them to read a novel
  • Any chance we get Babu Frik in the game?
  • Thank to not answer my question who was the same from september !!
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    I think I'm one of the few players who gets more excited at UX/UI QoL changes than any other content releases! (Objectives/Player Guide menu updates, the Scavenger flow, Squad management, and Buff/Debuff improvements were all much appreciated!)
    Are there any plans to refresh the more arduous or dated aspects of interface navigation? What would you like to improve specifically in the Mod, Squad, and Roster menus? For example:

    Are there plans to enable sorting by multiple dimensions (eg: by Speed then Offense then Health)?

    Plans to add a SELL button to the main mod inventory and remove the clunky separate selling/filtering interface?

    Plans to show more details in the mod inventory? (terrible mockup to illustrate)?0h4apgijh0hi.jpg

    Will we ever be able to re-order Squad tabs?

    Plans to add filter/sorting your roster against a squad tab (terrible mockup to illustrate)? Or the option to hide/show factions and hide/show characters, to quickly create a more focused view.
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    Q: Can something be done to correct the Grand Arena problem with player lock? I missed the 3rd GA round because was waiting until the last minute due to additional changes to toons
    • A: SvenGG - We are working closely with the server engineers to explore the opportunities to change the cadence of Championships for a better player experience without decreasing stability for the game.

    I think you guys misunderstood the problem. It's not the GAC cadence but the inability to leave and re-join, or otherwise create an updated snapshot of our rosters. If you're worried people will abuse / spam this function, just give us a one-time refresh button that greys out after a single use. Please don't make the downtimes between the individual GAs and attack phases even longer.

  • Q: Would CG upgrade or add a new tier for daily challenge with better prize?
    A: Cyanides - We would! However, We're starting with new Assault Battle tiers before looking into adding tiers to Daily Challenges.

    Now there is some great news. I'm really looking forward to this.
  • Is there any plans to update the shop content?
  • NiNj wrote: »
    So you can sell christmas packs but you couldn't give a gift or hold an event?? Shady

    They held every event during Christmas week, including the return of the most recent Epic character. As a bonus, some of the events ran twice (Credit heist for one)
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  • Whats these it? Really??? There’s a lot of questions missing that I know people asked including myself about ‘unhappy’ stuff...
  • After so many years being ignored, any chance to fix the STR gear challenge to give more than 5 carbantis when max is 7? You ever said you would help with the gear grind, start with this frustrating one, thank you.
  • @CG_Cyanides in the last Q&A you answer a question about making gear crunch easy by an other question : "Actually, my question back is define "easing"?"
    we answer you in some Topic. We are lot to reasked this question with the precision you need : make gearing easy before G12.
    It's seems to be logical you answer this question in this Q&A... and nothing... Seriously you ask community and community answer you! It will be great if you can tell something now and not wait....
  • Any plans to finish off August clone reworks properly
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    Im tickled that I go to the last page (skipped ahead so i could see what the general sentiment has devolved into) and its compliants about life day.

    You know those At&t commercials with the whole "just okay isnt good enough" is going on with some incompetent white guy? Its kinda like that. When you say theres no "festivus" equivilant and there is in fact life day its a lot like when KK said there was no source material to use for the sequel trilogy. Dont you guys have an awful star wars nerd to fact check for you guys? You should get one. If you went to a mechanic and said "i think my front axel is bent" and the mechanic goes "na axels dont bend" would you pay that mechanic?

    Is it petty and nitpicky? Yeah definitly in the case of life day. But yall took the paycheck, and Id say i dont expect you to have more star wars knowledge than a "super fan" but you should. You are the professional who expects us to pay for your product. Please be more knowledgeable about it than us. That mouse should start selling online degrees for this stuff. It would serve people better than degrees in ceramics.
  • u guys release a second finn, second poe... nobody cares about these characters.

    Amazing you feel you can speak for everyone.
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