What Kinds of Data do Guild Officers Want?

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In our Q&A today, we were asked what information the game can surface to Guild Officers to help them manage and plan their Guild's efforts. We've received many questions regarding tools for Guild Officers, (I recently compiled a list of tool requests from the community for the feature team and this is something that we are working on) but those features are still a ways off. In the meantime, there may be some shorter term solutions to showing Guild information in the client or on the web.

TLDR; What kinds of additional information could we surface that would be helpful to Guild Officers?

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  • We can tell orders like what we can do in territory battle
    This is... SPARTAAAAAAA
  • Mawat wrote: »
    History of territory battles stats

    Tickets on a week base

    In territory wars: who win/lost on which team

    +1 to all of these.
    Make Bronzium autoplay opening an option.
  • HTWarrior
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    Being able to review each members ticket production on previous day; previous 7days; previous 30 days.
    Please let officers undo def deployments. We just lost a war because one player deployed teams below 40k GP in afield that was reserved for 100k+ squads.
    Also something like avg ranking in guild activity could be useful for hyperactive guilds.
    Also please up the character cap in basically all fields available to officers. Guild "front door", gold announcement bar and orders in TW/TB.
    Number of raids participated in; number of raids missed.
    Join date and avgt raid tickets per day.

    And finally I know its not a data thing. But could you please take into consideration changing from an individual 600 tickets per person to cumulative guild wide 30k system. The upside for guilds is they can fill the gap when some player(s) need to take a day off and also for CG as you would see an uptick in refreshes and subesequently a higher demand to buy chrystals.
  • In TB, on the screen where I can view who has/has not done their combat missions, I can see how many total combat missions a player has done in each phase. But if it could be separate screens for ship combat missions, and ground combat missions, that would allow me to know who still needs to do the ship combat, and who still needs to do ground. I spent 2 hours DMing players last time to find out who forgot to do their ship CM.
    The same thing for the GP deployed screen. I can see how much total GP a player has given, but I cannot tell if it is ship GP, or ground GP. If if was separated out, I could know who forgot to deploy ships, and who forgot to deploy ground, making my life much easier when I am trying to track down that last little bit of GP for a star.
    I know those screens are available for all guild members. So it would not be just for officers, but nonetheless I figured this was a good thread in which to request this.
  • Make guild data like TB/TW stats, ticket production, and raid scores available via an API (SWGoH.gg perhaps?) so that we can create our own tools and bots.
  • Would you please give us a QOL update where officers get more statistics with which to run their guild. Such as character GP vs. Ships GP.

    In TBs maybe some extra statistics such as: Character GP deployed per phase, Ships GP deployed per phase, fleet combat missions attempted, character combat missions attempted, etc.

    Seriously going in and adding and subtracting everything by hand to see what we have left is extremely tedious.
  • Mstrefe1 wrote: »
    Most of these are repeats.
    1. Being able to remove errant teams on TW defense

    On this, its not a bad idea but i can see problems as well. for example, accidental removals, bias from an officer etc. Perhaps it can be done with a second approving officer, but that may require much more programming than necessary.
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    -Ability for Leader/Officers to move platoon deployed characters at end of phases...
    That would help many smaller/less developed guilds maximize their potential. There have been many times when 5/6 platoons are filled, and charactets filling 5th platoon without benefit can be utilized to make a 6/6 in another sector.
    One irreversible move per each character at end of phase to prevent flip flopping for platoons. Limited to a certain # of characters, only available if an odd number of platoons is filled. If even number of platoons is filled-unavailable except for incomplete platoons, as to prevent cheesing and moving from 4/6 to another 4/6 to make 6/6 in sectors that affect several phases.
    -More space for command fields in TW/TB.
    -More space for guild announcement tab in chat.
  • There's a few things that I'd like to see:

    For TB

    - Split squad and fleet stats within TB
    per phase you should be able to see fleet gp deployed, squad gp deployed, fleet mission attempt, squad mission attempt, combat waves completed.

    - Ideally I'd like to see when I click on a combat mission (both fleet and squad) who has done that mission
    Jjust show all members and a 1 or 0 behind their name. Currently it takes a lot of time to find that last 1 or 2 members that have not done a certain mission that can just give the last push to another star.

    - Ability to block certain platoons from being able to donate to.
    E.g. block platoons 1 and 2 from a zone so members can only fill 3,4,5,6.

    - Review period

    For TW

    - I'd like to see total offensive attempts per member of the guild. Currently we use rogue actions to see who did how many attempts but when 2 members try to battle the same team at the same time it'll give a false possitive.

    - Battle log. See which member attacked which team in TW and which team they used. Also what the status is after battle (basically you dhould be able to long press on a team to show you a small battle log)
  • Mstrefe1 wrote: »
    Most of these are repeats.
    1. Being able to remove errant teams on TW defense

    On this, its not a bad idea but i can see problems as well. for example, accidental removals, bias from an officer etc. Perhaps it can be done with a second approving officer, but that may require much more programming than necessary.

    They won't let players interfere with other player's playing style (which is what removing another person's team is). The sensible compromise that has been offered here multiple times, and would benefit GAC, is to is to allow the player that set the team to remove/edit it.
  • Same here

    1.Lock Platoons/Battles in TB
    2.Remove/edit wrong Teams in TB
    3.Tickets from Players weekly
  • 1: Ability to focus/prohibit on individualnplatoons in TB.
    2: A log of each offense in TW with what team was used, what it was used against, and result.
    3: During review phase of TW, ability to click on each defensive team to see what was used to defeat it.
    4: I'd love for donations not to reset if a player leaves and rejoins the same guild.
  • 1. TB review period
    2. Distinction between Ship GP deployed and Character GP deployed per phase in TB
    3. Records of unsuccessful attacks in TW
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