What Kinds of Data do Guild Officers Want?


  • I'm sure this has been mentioned but being able to sort guild members based on gp and not their arena squad power
  • Quite apart from TB itself, how about some accurate basic stats on players. I send private messages to a few players to deploy ships
    Guild/Manage shows two at 2.06M &1.62M but their deploy all ships produces 1.82M & 1.5M respectively. I could be chasing members for us to scrape in on an additional star when in fact we haven’t got a chance.

    How about you fix what’s already there before trying something new?
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    I want to know who the *$$% attacked a team in TW and left TM.....and an auto gkick button for that guy
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    I dunno about data, but I'd love to be able to set triggerable events for TB. For example, "once this territory gets to 85m, prohibit engagement on all battles, deploy and platoons."

    That would be awesome.
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  • I would like to be able to see a list of all the teams a guild member has set on defense for TW.
    A record of offensive attempts and victories for each guild member in TW.
    A battle log to help reporting of cheaters in TW.
  • Guild Overall TW win / loss record.
    Individual members performance in each TW (only available to officers)
    Donations to requests ratio.

    And, not data but...

    Ability to save fleet squads
    Better mod management, should be able to sell mods from main mod screen FFS
  • I would like to see separately, in TB, the amount of GP deployed between ships and troops.
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    1. Being able to see undeployed GP - broken down by fleet vs character GP
    2. Being able to see which players haven’t done a particular tb combat node
    3. Being able to see who attacked squads in a tw.
    4. Not data per se, but being able to block individual platoons/squadrons

    I like these 4.

    you should consider it
  • the game could be more interesting if you add more characters more frequently too...
  • Guild Name translation!!!
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    Not data, but....

    Ability to unset a persons TW teams.

    Example if they are told put GAS squad in and they put in the wrong team... allow guild leaders to remove the team so they can set it again
  • I don’t know but it’s a sad state of affairs that myself and the rest of our officers are collecting money to reward our guildies for high scores on raids (with different weekly restrictions) and other gimmicks just to keep them motivated.
  • We need to see how many gear requests players make, helps us weed out those that request but don't donate.
  • a short review period for TB so we can prepare better for next time would be great too!
  • Currently there are not enough command lines that can be set.. Considering there are 10 territories in the war but I can only set 6 commands. Need this set to a min of 10 so I don't have to keep writing commands
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    Gordyt77 wrote: »
    Currently there are not enough command lines that can be set.. Considering there are 10 territories in the war but I can only set 6 commands. Need this set to a min of 10 so I don't have to keep writing commands

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    Record of territory wars success.
  • +1 million to a TB review period
    +1 to each member's raid tickets over the last week and month
    +1 to TW win and loss totals
    Character and ship GP 1) totals and 2) growth over time for each guild member, by faction (e.g., Galactic Republic character GP added in the last 1, 3, 6 months, with members sorted by the numbers)
    Running average of each member's attack and defense points over multiple TWs
    Total gear requested by each member, not just donated (or just a ratio of donated:requested)
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  • A way to know who loaded turn meter in TW
  • Thanks everyone for the feedback. I collected your responses this morning and sent them off to the team. Your feedback is very much appreciated!
    • Full TW match history (similar to GAC history, just tied to the guild's SWGOH.GG profile) so we can look for any suspicious activity for defensive losses as well as offensive attacks (win and loss)
    • Updated info in the TW Active phase (indication on current TM of the enemy team in the event of a defensive loss preloading TM)
  • things I'd like to see.

    the ability to remove an incorrectly placed team during defence setup - ideally officer ability but at least let the player do it
    the ability to see which teams have attacked a target during attack (both what the squad was and who the guild member was)
    the actual number of attacks done by each guild member (not just banners)
    during the review phase, being able to see what teams defeated your defence would be good. The teams that failed too would be amazing - but appreciate that could be a massive amount of info. Depends really on how many successful defences you had as the previous ones may have taken out individual toons but not defeated the squad

    a review period is sorely needed - maybe 48-72 hours
    Having gp separated into - land deployed/land available, ship deployed/ship available would be helpful. Maybe based on the gp at the start of the phase (which wouldn't take into account any upgrades you did after that point but for the most part would be fairly accurate)
    separate counters for the combat missions - both ship and land

    daily tickets/weekly tickets.
    More chat options - bigger chat - there needs to be a way so that people without discord aren't ostracized.
    a toon search in game for the guild would be quite handy

    realistically, if you could make data simply available to swgoh.gg via an api then we could build tools/manipulate the data to track things as we saw fit

  • Function to block squads by GP/ lineup (interface) regarding tw (so we dont even need to remove squads or give that explicit advices)
    Squad advices for tb shown by battles to help unsure players for most possible success (set by officers or even implemented with a look on platoon requirements)
    Overall battle review possibility (which squad dealt how many against which squad in: raids, tw, tb (would maybe remove the squad advice by the learning effect)) - excludes enemy lineup by defeating any squad
  • 1. Tw: how successfull was an Individual player (maybe Something like no. battleattemps/ no. successfull battleattemps) - > I want an easier way to See if someone participated or not.
    2. Ingame sort by Gm
    3. Tb: undeployed Gm (Gm deployed/Gm not deployed
    4. Ingame playersearch for guild (find players with out a guild and invite)
  • I dunno about data, but I'd love to be able to set triggerable events for TB. For example, "once this territory gets to 85m, prohibit engagement on all battles, deploy and platoons."

    I'd also like more granular control of platoons. For example it would be great if I could prohibit people from putting toons in say platoon 1 and 3 if I know our guild lacks the ptw units required to complete those platoons.

    This would be great. Some of the guys in my guild don't sleep lol and it would be nice to stop extra deployment without having to stay up.
  • Please show us who attacked and with what during TW.
  • Our guild finished P2 DS 6M short of going 9/9 in the phase. What did the officers not have:

    - the ability to separate fleet deployed GP from character deployed GP. The result, we didn’t know who to tag for deployments outside the “at everyone tag”
    - The ability to see which guild members hadn’t done which CM. If 6 people are on 5 CMs is that because they did the 5 toon CMs or because they did two fleet and three character CMs?

    That’s what I want as a Guild leader: the ability to know who can still attack each CM and who can still deploy where I need it. Since we are beholden to GET2 and our best chance to accumulate it is DS Geo, every star counts and I had to inefficiently chase 20 and have 12 of them say they were all done with what I needed.
  • How about adding a counter on how many backslaps & High fives you get in the office for the amount of quit rages you get each GAC which links about the loss of basic fun elements of the gaming principle not achieved. That will keep ya amused for a while when the lads in suits turn up bleating about profits up but sadly billy bob over there has to be let go to pursue his other passion in life.
  • I'd like to be able to tap on a message "Player: earned # points in a combat mission (#/#)" and see the squad the player used. Plus get rid of the limit on the log. Alternatively, clicking on the 47/50 count on a combat mission could show the full list of squads players used, in 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, 1/4 and 0/4 sections (easier for fleet and specials, win/loss).
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