The raid meta and potential new format idea

So my guild has just moved to HSTR and I am noticing that relics have taken this “end game” raid content and kinda ruined it. The three raids we have now are trivialised because the raid format is all players vs 1 health pool, and the power gained by relics means a single player has the potential to dominate those raids with a couple of teams without the need for his guildmates. This makes existing game content is marginalised as the power teams in a guild all fight for raid rewards and some players not getting to play at all.

For me this defeats the entire purpose of the raids (guild cooperation and playable content), and while newer raids add increasing difficulty they will always suffer from the problem of character power level increases, or potentially excluding players that don’t have relic xx from participating at all.

A different system that does not suffer from this issue would be to have the stages of a raid available separately to each player. In terms of a heroic raid we would have a 2/3 days timeframe to do these stages on a per player basis. Everyones scores would then be combined to determine the reward gained by all players.

For raid sims you could allocate a score or whatever to each raid phase allowing a player to sim phases if he met the requirements and did not want to play, still allowing for those that do to play.

This system merits having your entire guild play, and allows everyone a shot at contributing. It also lets players try different teams and characters from their collection because there is no time pressure from other players trying to shaft each other for raid position.


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    Why should players who invested heavily in the right characters be punished?

    A new raid or raid level tuned for Relics would be the best solution rather than convoluted Phase Sims/locks etc.
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