no1 PVP player looking for Guild that uses GroupMe

Hey tooners!
I'm regularly no1 on our server, nearly always top 10 and when my schedule allows I get no1.
I'm interested to get in a guild system before they are eventually released, I use GroupMe for other games and find it much better than other chat apps, so would prefer that.

7* L70 Lumi, GS, QGJ, JC, Darth Sid (the standard I just started playing team!
5* gear 9 yoda - will finish Ahsoka & Barriss to 7* to unlock Yoda 7* next time it is available

Currently working on Dooku, Asajj, Royal G, Phasma, ST Han. All 4/5 star
Will get them all to 6* then decide which are most useful after the next major update,

Let me know if you have a guild in the making that suits.

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