CLS or Geonosians

I've been playing this game for a few months and I'm getting close to getting CLS. I'll get him in about a month and a half but is he worth it if I'm nowhere near close to getting the other rebel legendaries like Chewie and C3PO? Should I just switch over and start farming something else? (I was thinking the Geonosians since they seem cool and good)


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    Yes, he's worth it. Useful in almost all game modes. He's also the best rebel leader, so you'll be able to form a good rebel team once you have him.

    Geonosians are also high priority, so farm them when possible.
  • CLS with Han and cheque is a powerful meta squad when relic'ed. But Geonocian are the better squad.
  • CLS is worth farming and you should always think twice before shelving one farming plan to pursue another. You don't want to get caught in a squirrel! trap.

    That said, CLS without the other Rebel heroes will not live up to his true potential and Geos may give you more utility quicker provided you are able to farm Brood Alpha.

    What are you wanting to use him/them for?
  • Farm what makes you happy. Relics equal the playing field.
  • I'm just looking for a new arena team since my jedi team has been slowly falling and I'm not even close to either of the revans. Plus I don't enjoy the jedi team since most of the people I fight run that squad and it's boring to fight the same squad. I thought I was down with that when I moved on from the phoenix squad but I guess not.
  • CLS wont get you anywhere without the other Rebel heroes.

    Geos may get you somewhere if you have Brood Alpha.
  • Geonosians beat CLS ;p
  • If your Guild can do heroic Rancor you can activate Han quickly. CLS with Han is already a good cuple, all you have to do is farming bounty hunters to activate Chewie. This trio is one of the best undersized team of all time.
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