The Republic Mandalore seeking new members! 545M GP | RotE 37* and Zeffo | Relic 9

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Guild name: The Republic Mandalore
Guild GP: 545M GP

Raids: Endor 208M crate

Rise of the Empire: 37* and Zeffo

We can offer:
- Competitive environment
- Fun and helpful group of people
- Guidance on rosters and teams
- Encouraging leadership
- High bracket TW
- Relic 9

We require:
- Unlocked 3x GL
- Zeffo SM ready
- 600 tickets daily
- profile
- Discord
- Around 10M+ GP

If you feel you are close to our requirements but don't have them, don't be afraid to reach out. We place more importance on character and drive than we do on GP!

Join our recruiting server today at or send me a message on discord: Rubkl66

Come join Mandalore in our fight! This is the way!


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