Devs, it's time to give us some real gear grind relief

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edited January 17
Yes I know it's been mentioned before and supposedly by the numbers it's been done. However, as anyone who plays the game on a daily basis can attest, nothing noticeable has changed. Drop rates are still terrible.
Take mk3 carbantis for instance. I currently need 2650 of them for my toons, 250 for the ones I am currently grinding. With the current drop rates (from my tracking seems to be around 20%) and challenges it would take me about 3 weeks to finish the 4 toons I'm working on. If I do that, the issue arises is the fact that I just spent all my resources for the last 3 weeks on mk3 carbantis. Now I will need to use several more weeks grinding another fragment so I can finish the entire gear piece. Probably stun guns, which take even longer because they aren't in a challenge. All in all I am looking at 1.5 to 2 months to move up 4 toons one gear level. Maybe a week less if I use all my gems on gear. Gear is the biggest bottle neck in the game . It shouldn't take us months of gearing to get toons up to g11 when end game content doesn't even start until g12. It prevents us from unlocking and leveling toons, which in turn prevents us from participating in newer content. I don't mind spending money on the game here and there, but why would I drop $20 on gems to get a few gear pieces that do little to reduce my grind time. Please help us out and ease this grind up.
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