Light side Genosis Battle

This is not fun and ridiculously too hard. **** did you guys do, make it harder then it previously was?


  • I don’t know, I completed 7 combat Waves all of the last TB, and I got 8 so far on phase 1 this time (and missed the ship wave by a whisker because I misplayed/misunderstood the mission mechanic), and none of the teams I used are fully geared/Relic’d/modded out yet. (But I did spend the last month improving GR characters for the event)

    Do I still think it is over-tuned and/or designed for some form of additional gear levels, relic abilities, relic levels, level cap increase, or mod level improvements they have yet to release! (the Jedi levels in particular are in serious need of some love)


    But if you work towards improving the toons required for the event, it is not nearly as soul-crushing as it appeared at first glance...

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    @TheJEFFtm 8 waves in P1 without squads that are fully geared/Relic’d/modded?? Id like to see your teams pls or know your strategy cos im strugglin and this is 0 fun
  • TheJEFFtm
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    Here ya go.

    I ran Padme lead (5 dot mods R1), C3PO (5 dot mods, g12+4) GK, JKA, snips (R7 and 6 dots) for 4/4 on the bottom mission vs geos. (My guild preloads the middle on P1, so I will run the special mission with them later).

    JKR lead, both yodas, Bastila, Jolee (all 12+4 or +5, with almost all 6 dot mods) for 1/4 in south Jedi mission (Again vs geos)

    Shaak ti lead (R1, 5 dots), Rex (R1, mix 5 and 6 dots) ARC (R5 5 dots), Echo (R7, mixed mods) 5s (R7, 6dots) in middle combat for 3/4 (vs droids)

    Haven’t run Middle Jedi mission yet, (waiting to ensure GP is not needed in the south, but fully expect my remaining g11 Jedi to go 0/4 yet again.

    Basic strategy is eliminate B2, control and eliminate Droideka/geo spy as soon as possible after, eliminate B1, clean up while reducing special cooldowns for following round.

    Hope that helps!
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