Running the game on Chrome with ARC Welder

There is this thing called ARC (Android Runtime for Chrome) that allows you to play Android Apps on Google Chrome (Linux, OS X, Windows) and Chromebooks (Chrome OS). I tested out that thing and got amazed by results. I was expecting that the game would not even run and crash. Instead, it did run! I could hear the sound of the loading screen then the sound of the tutorial voices. However, I got a black screen on my laptop, so no much luck on this. But when clicking on the black scree, I could hear the click feedback sound and screen change sound, like the one you get when you click on the screen items.

Dear EA/CG, please test this as well and you may eventually publish the android app *as is* to Google Chrome, expanding the player base :smile:. There is support for most of the integrations you have on Android already: GCM, in-app purchase, Google login!

I'm sad that I can't play on PC because I don't use Windows, and most other Android emulators suck on Linux. In fact, it is ironic that you can have an App Player run well on Windows via a translation layer, but don't have a Linux version given the fact that Android IS LINUX!
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