The Genius of Putting players of 4,5M with 8M. Who if not the CG?

Guys, I just passed the 4, 5M bar and found myself in the arena with a 7.3M whale. Does it seem right that players in the divisions are put with 4M less? The game grows, the Relics raise the GP and above all the power of the character. Which does not seem to interest the CG (like a bit of the whole game for over a year now where I am avoiding to quit so as not to leave the guild, certainly not for the regressions made in the game. The sum should be made on the 80 strongest PCs no? No ... I don't have 80 PG Relics. I am 22. And why the **** am I in division with these millionaires, at the top of the charts not for skill in the game, but for skill in pulling out the wallet (unfortunately more and more pay 4 win this game). In your opinion the CG will come alone or reading this post, to understand that something is not working? That the 4.5M PCs should not be with the 8M for the same reason so I don't fight against my dear 2.5M friends? I read 2 months ago that the management of the CG at the beginning of the year 2019 (about when the Revans came out) changed the best components. From there illogical choices, 1 bug to the day, Malak first given away, then canceled for 2 months, then redone 2 times in 2 weeks ane ....? I wonder if they didn't honestly leave interns at the CG. I hope they will fix this by 2020 because strangely I haven't seen bugs for about 1 month and I don't understand if they are preparing a devastating one or have more time to fix their chasms. CG sucks


  • Waqui
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    Arena != Grand Arena.
  • Waqui wrote: »
    Arena != Grand Arena.

    This.. Arena has nothing to do with Grand Arena. GP means nothing, as long as you have the top meta team, or any of it's counters.
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    We have a grand arena starting?
    *edit* previews tommorow, it’s not in game for me yet..

    Also @Casstigo i don’t think you get drawn against anyone until the preview period is over.. so don’t worry about being matched with the mega gp whales just yet..
  • That whale reached the minimum level for arena close to the same time you did. Grand Arena matches you based on GP (at least division wise; individual matches are based on a certain top portion of your roster), whereas squad arena lumps a certain number of people together when they hit a certain level. Some of them are going to progress more rapidly by buying content. Others have been playing F2P and hoarding raid gear for many months without leveling up.
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