Developer Insights: Resistance Hero Poe

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Kit Reveal - Developer Insight

What makes this character unique?
  • Poe has a unique debuff, Vulnerable, that acts like the opposite of Crit Immunity, any attacks on the unit critically hit if able. This debuff does not expire on hit (like Advantage) but expires after 1 turn. Vulnerable will not allow a unit to critically hit an enemy if a unit has Critical Hit Immunity.

    When an enemy loses debuffs, Poe will remove protection from that unit. This includes if an enemy cleanses their debuffs with an ability or their debuffs are dispelled by anyone.

    Poe also relies on another character (Resistance Hero Finn) to Inspire him to get the most out of his kit. Poe can in-turn Inspire others whenever he uses his Special abilities.

Where did you get inspiration for the kit?
  • If you have seen the movie then you can tell from his new outfit this is the Rise of Skywalker Poe. Without any spoilers, he’s trying to be more responsible in the Resistance and take a bit more charge. We created his kit to reflect that inspired personality in TROS. Throughout the movie, Finn encourages Poe and helps him gain the confidence he needed so we tied these two units closely together in the game.

Why is the new Finn already getting changes to his kit with this release?
  • We designed these two characters in tandem, but we didn’t want to spoil Poe’s future kit with some hints in Finn’s abilities. From the start, they were designed to feed off each other and be the core of the damage in the new Resistance team.

What is your strategy for this character in battle?
  • To start, you’ll want Finn to Inspire Poe as quickly as possible, since he can’t Inspire on his own. Inspire doesn’t do anything by itself but expands his abilities and Poe’s Unique, Spark of Resistance, gives other allies bonus damage when they are Inspired. Focus his debuffs on enemy characters with high amounts of protection since each debuff that expires removes protection.

What squad does this character fit into and what role do they play?
  • Resistance Hero Poe is designed to be one of the main damage dealers of the new Resistance team. He can also apply a host of debuffs to the enemy team but really charges up when he’s Inspired. We’ve also made a change to Resistance Hero Finn to specifically call out Poe in his kit and Finn is a critical teammate for Poe as Poe can’t gain Inspire on his own.

Are there any game modes that this character is particularly well suited for?
  • "At the moment, Resistance Hero Finn strengthens your Resistance squad with another reliable attacker and solidifies an effective Territory War and Grand Arena team but who knows what the future could hold for the Resistance team."
    This is the answer we gave for Finn, this is the other reliable attacker we were referring to in this answer. The rest of this answer still applies to Poe.
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