Join us on HNN tonight for a live SWGOH Fantasy Draft!

After our normal show, we will continue our livestream with a SWGOH Fantasy Draft! We (Sir Georgeous, Celiac Sarah, HowieWan and myself) will draft 6, 5v5 teams from the current roster of available toons. Then we will post our teams on here and have people vote on who would win the theoretical matchups. Come laugh at our poor decisions- should be fun! You can watch the livestream on Sir Georgeous's YouTube page starting at 8:30 Central, U.S. time (in about 1 hour). The draft itself will likely start an hour or so into the show. Or you can listen to the podcast tomorrow morning (available on most major podcast services)

Some parameters:

-All toons will be Relic 3, this makes them fairly powerful but prevents some of the outsized relic advantages attackers and some select toons (Daka, GG, Jolee, etc.) can get from R7

-All mods will be solid 6e mods. Not God Tier, but very good. Think Darth Revan at 335 speed- very good, but not best-in-the-game type mods

-Snake style draft- First pick in first round will go last in 2nd round, last pick will go first in 2nd round, etc.
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