The logic behind Mod Suggestions

I have Boskk

What is the logic behind this suggestion ? How the algorithm give this result ? Is it predefined how the suggested mod will be upgraded ?



  • The suggested mod has a protection primary, which is better for Bossk than a health primary.
  • It suggests the mods with correct primary stat attached to it for that toon
  • The suggested mod has a protection primary, which is better for Bossk than a health primary.

    Boskk suggestions is [Speed] and [Defence]
    how the (15%def and 2.8%prot) are less than 2.5% protection ?

    in that case the correct would be to note [Speed] and [Protection]
    does the algorithm only check the primary stat ?
    is there any list about the modifiers - multipliers ?

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    When you upgrade it it will be +23.5% protection at Level 15 and +24% protection at 6E. So that ties in with his lead Zeta that adds 50% extra protection.

    The basic suggestion is the set itself. It's recommending 4x speed mods and 2x defence mods.

    You can see what it recommends for primary AND secondary stats by clicking the little "i" logo in the top right corner on the "basic" mod screen where it lists the recommended mod sets.

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  • There are 3 levels of suggestion.

    1 - Set suggestions - which is speed and defense
    2 - Primary suggestions - which for the circle mod is protection
    3 - Secondary suggestions - which for Bossk are speed, health, protection, tenacity

    The algorithm starts with set, then primary.

    P.S. Please don't use valuable 6 dot slicing material on mods like that. Better to save it till you find/slice a mod worthy of going to 6 dot.
  • All your comments are welcome, but irrelevant.
    My question is that the suggested mod is not yet revealed the secondary stats. So in that case I assume that the game prior knows how to be upgraded the 2nd stats or is random. If it is random, then the suggestion is based only in the primary stat, and also the recommendation should be say [Protection] not [Defense].
  • You're not understanding what we've said.

    The game initially recommends a speed set and a defence set. Not defence stats. A defence SET. So two defence mods paired with four speed mods.

    It then recommends to use protection primary stats on those above mentioned speed and defence mods, where possible.

    The suggested mod better fits the game recommendations because it is A - a speed mod, and B - has the correct primary stat for that slot.
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    Here is the actual Mod Suggestion page for Bossk for simplification:


    Notice what I've highlighted. SET does not mean STAT (primary or secondary). It refers to the TYPE of mod (picture on the mod itself).

    Then, if we dig deeper and click on it little "i" in the top right corner we come to this page:


    At the bottom you can see the recommended primary stats to farm or search for in your inventory. If you want to mod even closer to what is best for Bossk they list the recommended SECONDARY stats in the top right.

    ALSO - I circled the little arrow, if you click that, it takes you through several alternative mod suggestions for primary stats. All of those are decent but the initial one usually best matches the character's kit.

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    Do yourself a favor and just read some player modding guides to get your head around how to mod. That will serve you way better than trying to make sense of the obtuse ingame system.

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