Geonosis - Republic Offensive: Lazy strategy to attain maximum rewards

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I came up with this for our guilds (VIII) last run of Geonosis - Republic Offensive. Guild expectation was at 195M GP, we'd hit 5-8 stars and have a lot of frustration.

The plan we followed (Plan A) had us targeting 11 stars and was almost entirely based on straight GP Deployments. We missed one star on Phase 1 Top, but we hit our goals every other phase for 10 stars total. Part of the reason for our missed star in P1 ships was the numbers I gathered for our guild members off of apparently weren't 100% accurate.









  • This republic territory battle is ridiculous. I have an awesome g13 Jedi Knight Revan team and cant even get 1/4 on combat missions. Way to take the fun out the games guys!
  • I can usually clear 1 wave with my G12 revan team (R7 GK). Key is to give all the bonus turns to Jolee so he can spam revive. I also use Hoda in place of Bastila. Our guild has had the most success with G13 Padme squads and Shaak Ti or GAS 501st. We've had one or two members go 4/4 in the first phase.

    The Plan A above is an easy lazy way to get the most stars based on your guilds GP. It's based almost entirely off of what a guild can "Deploy" and leaves combat missions out of it. I've had a friend tell me of a 260M GP guild that only hit 14 stars. At 195M GP our guild hit 10 stars mostly by deploying all our GP smartly.
  • They are very difficult and require strategy, but the combat missions are definitely doable ;)

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    Good Idea for the Ship strat at 85M+ for the moment we don't have enougth point (71M)

    The strat I use for my guild for the character part.
    Seem for me more accessible and sure

    6 star accessible at 111M average point on the 4 phase if not possible 5 stars at 96M average


    If you have better I take ;)
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