Ls geo vs Hoth

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Please !! someone explain to me why get 2 is better than get 1 .. basically ls geo vs hoth .
All I see is you need get 1 for malak and G.anakin . And get 2 for ships .. a little better gear if yo do ls geo I mean you get some gear for g13 .. But not a lot , so not that much better just a little bit .. ls geo is basically just deploying at this point in my guild and we get 10 stars at the moment .. hoth we are like 1 or two stars from completing it .. I want to do hoth I don’t think rewards for geo are that much better plus I like playing hoth as opposed too just deploying in geo .. also I need to get my malak to 7 stars and Im working on G.anakin .. Hoth gets me there twice as quick .. so my dilemma is I’m thinking about leaving my guild over this but I really like my guild so I want more info b4 I make this major decision.. Thanks for any help !!
And if you don’t have anything positive to add to discussion please just scroll by .. thanks !
Plus I’m sure there’s probably a ton of guilds being split by this decision .. so this might help other ppl
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    Here goes, trying to be constructive!

    The Loot box for GeoLSTB Is far far superior to Hoth
    Even at low stars e.g. 9* —> you get better gear, and relic mats.

    At 13 stars —> Crystal payout = similar to full Hoth Clear, you get a decent amount of GET1 and GET2, far far better gear loot and relic mats.

    The equation is the GET1/2 payout = equivalent to (GeoDSTB +3 stars) & better loot + Relic mats.

    A 200m GP guild with zone preloading and (x2) 7* Vulture ships (for 2/6 platoon bonus) should be able to reach 11 stars, 12 if they have enough G13 Padme, Shaak Ti and JKR teams.

    My guild did Hoth for a full clear achievement this time and it was MINDNUMBINGLY boring, it’s so trivial that people are asking to go back to GeoLSTB....
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    Please !! someone explain to me why get 2 is better than get 1..

    Who says, it is? It depends on what you need most - what you plan to purchase.

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