Sword of Kane now recruiting 161m guild GP. Semi-competitive guild, no GP or toon requirements.

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We are a semi-competitive guild with a 2-3 week inactive limit before being booted unless coordinated over discord. Perfect guild for those new players or vets looking to be more relaxed. 4 spots are currently open.
- Currently running DSgeo and LShoth as our TB rotations. 10* on DSgeo and 37* on LShoth (come get your Rolo shards!!)
- TW is optional to join
- 108 wins, 18 loss for TW
- All raids have 24hr join period before opening so you dont miss out on raids. Heroic sith launches when we get enough tickets, Heroic tank launches at 2am UTC (9pm EST) Heroic Rancor launches when we get enough tickets, auto simmed.
- No required characters or Galatic Power to join, just be active
- We have a discord as well, It is not required to join but it is easier for advice and communication for time away from the game.

Send me a ally invite to join 521-943-135 or look us up in guild search.

Here's our guild on swgoh.gg

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