Malevolence using ability before reinforcement.

Noticed on auto that my Malevolence decided to use an ability (I think the special attack) and didn't use that turn to reinforce with the open slot. Instead a vulture Droid summoned in that slot and only left Sun Face as the only actual ship. Of course the enemy took out Sun Fax since he was taunting and I lost with 4 summoned Vulture droids.

I don't care that I lost, just curious if it's just me that noticed or if I missed something. Seems to make the AI really dumb and exploitable.


  • Jarvind
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    Solution: don't play on auto. The AI has always been dumb and always will be.

  • Summoning AIs are new in this game. I'd suggest putting in a bug report. The developers likely intended to prioritize summoning a vulture if you still had multiple alive ships, but prompting them to add a conditional to reinforce if there's already a bunch of vultures is probably a good idea.
    Also, playing on auto is probably not the best for offense, but it's unavoidable on defense. It's good we know now, so it can be fixed.
  • Gifafi
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    Jarvind wrote: »
    Solution: don't play on auto. The AI has always been dumb and always will be.

    defense plays on auto tho, which was op's point I believe
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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    In many cases using a special instead of calling an RI is the right move for Malevolence, since it will summon a Vulture. Killing those Vultures feeds tm to Malevolence, getting to the ultimate sooner.

    Obviously it's not always the best choice, but the AI isn't coded to determine best choice.
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