Update on Login Issues 01/24/2020

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Hi folks,

We have been investigating an issue that is causing some players to not be able to log in since earlier today. While only a small number of users are affected, we understand this is incredibly frustrating for those players. We have been working with several of the affected players to fix this as soon as possible and they have been a tremendous help in narrowing down the issue. Unfortunately, we were unable to resolve this issue this evening but this will be a priority again tomorrow.

Our sincerest apologizes to those players impacted but we will continue working to resolve this issue tomorrow and through the weekend if needed.

Thank you for your understanding.


  • Hi folks,

    Quick update, the team has been working on a release to address this issue. We don't have any timeline to share at this time but we will keep you posted.
  • Client Update released. This release will roll out over the next couple hours and you will need to update your client from the app store to receive this fix.
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