Bossk is why we hate ships.



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    Maybe when BLT becomes farmable or more people get hyena bomber maxed, that will change, but until then, just because you “feel” HT is not OP, doesn’t change the fact that most “feel” otherwise.

    I’ll take the data over your feelings any day of the week and when you’re defending CG or your own point of view you do too.

    So... wait. You deny his feelings that HT is not OP, but accept that "most" "feel" it is? Seems... ignorant?

    This is necro and kind of pointless

    I agree though, me feeling that the data supports HT being OP definitely doesn’t negate TVFs or anyone’s feelings that the data does not support that.

    I'm frequently late to the party, and those close to me know I love my dead things. But what's "relevant" is that this whole conversation has become purely subjective, and I hold no real stake in this - I don't have HT maxed, and hate fighting it- because I never focused on ships- and that's my fault. I just really wanted to point out the redundancy in your statement.

    The part you bolded I still stand by, the rest where I say the data supports my feelings, which I believed at the time was wrong.

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    I will say that in my Mal fleet, it's still very useful to survive the Neg ult, so maybe the "using due to muscle memory" thing is unfair. And actually now that I think of it, everyone in my shard is still using it with Neg, and from what I've seen of Y-wing, it's because Y-wing is not good.

    Ya know what crappy ship got gud under raddus...... reys falcon..... jesus murphy that charged AOE....

    Yeah Y wing kinda meh
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