What should I go after next? I just got JKR and Padme

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Hi. I am seeking advice about what to focus on next? My characters are: https://swgoh.gg/p/644663671/characters/

But to put it in summary
- I have JKR with Jedi squad: GMY, Jolee, Bastilla, Ezra; all are zeta'ed - they are my main squad for Arena.
- - I have full squad of Geonosian, including zzBrood; though far from fully geared
- - I have Palp/Thrawn, but my Empires are weak
- - I have CLS, but Rebels are still weak, only one zeta on CLS, no at R2. Han still at 6* 52/100, no Chewie yet. But I've got Fulcum 7*
- - I have GenKen, but only 5* 77/85. So a bit more time needed.
- - I have Padme 7*, but no Anakin, no C3PO, GenKen as above
- - basic Clone Troopers around 5*-6*, no ARC, no Shaak Ti (her node is still too hard)
- - GG at 6*, no B2, B1, Droideka

And now I wonder what should I focus on next. My options are:

- DRevan - most useful, but practically from scratch
- - Chewie - for my weak Rebels, but the closest to complete, as I got 4 Bounty Hunters on 7*, Bossk 5* 33/85 and Jango 4* 54/65
- - RJT- from FO I got KRU, FOO, Phasma at 7*, FOFTP at 6*, what is left is FOEx or Kylo, but Resistance is practically nonexistent in my army
- - Padme squad, what would mean farming Anakin and:
- - C3PO - also long way to go, as I have Wicket 2*, no Chirpa and Paploo, but at least Logray 5* 52/85

Lately I've been farming all towards gear for JKR squad from stores, Kylo from Cantina, FOFTP, Bossk, Jango or Rey scavenger from hard nodes and Carth and gear from fleet nodes. So towards FO and Chewie. What should I go for? Should I turn towards Padme squad?


  • Without a doubt, you need to finish Bossk. He's a great BH leader, has one of the best ships, and is all you need to unlock Chewie. By focusing on this one character, you get a better BH team, a better Rebel team, and a better fleet, so it's win-win-win. You are also really close to a 7* Han, and Han and Chewie together totally transform a Rebel team (and work as Smugglers and Scoundrels). Of all your options, you are closest to getting this one and could have all of this within a couple weeks.
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    I agree, BHs aren't necessarily a top tier team but there are a lot of benefits to having one developed. Finish Bossk, and Jango too so you 7* HT as well. Then go into Rebels, and get yourself Chewie. Going through all this gets some of what you need for a good Rebel fleet and the premier plug n play ship as well.

    From there I'd probably go for Padme since you already have 2, almost 3 of the toons starred up so you would just need to knock out JKA, and they also form the backbone of the GR fleet if you want to go that route, which is one of the two/three dominant ship metas right now.

    If you can spare the extra resources, you also might want to invest in farming a FO team and/or JTR to prepare for the Galactic Legends.
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