Missing button bug appears to be back

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So this just happened in TW, I clearly won the match but it froze and I had to close the game. Went back in and the team I beat is still there and mine I used to win is gone. This cost us a victory and in TW all points matter. This is pretty insane that this bug clearly hasn’t been fixed.


  • This would imply that the bug had ever really gone away...I just had it derail part of HSTR last night. Super annoying.
  • The fix was only temporary...
  • That image looks more like a connection error/slow connection. Why would you expect buttons after defeating the entire opposing team?
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  • Well, I can tell you that Darth Traya was most definitely not defeated yesterday when my NS were facing her. Yet she came out of a topple and everyone just stood there, nary a button to be seen.
  • Sometimes I start/stop airplane mode to refresh the server connection which fixes this. And sometimes doing this throws an error code requiring a restart which winds up forfeiting the match. You take your chances with this game ... fortunately it's free!
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