Why does JKR's Direct Focus work sometimes and not work sometimes against DR squads

Hope someone smarter than I am can explain....

With JKR, when going up against DR squads, why does direct focus sometimes work as expected - ignores taunt and all my toons attack the target for a couple rounds...

but then sometimes not work... use direct focus on the target, and next attack (my next toon) is back at Sith empire trooper (or Malak) who has taunt?


  • Waqui
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    DR's unique, Conqueror, prevents assist that target him.
  • I haven't messed with jkr versus drevan in ages, but I imagine if you revan is suffering from fallen battle meditation he would not mark the opponent so you would stay stuck behind the tank. I'd hope fbast never goes before your revan though
  • sorry... not trying to target DR, target Bastilla Fallen.
  • Sounds like Corrupted Battle Meditation to me.
  • Not sure what you mean here too much.
    Direct focus acts as a forced taunt.
    If one of your toons counters an attack they will randomly attack any taunting toon as their counter, not necessarily the toon with direct focus.

    So if it is counters, that should explain something.
    If yoire talking about it being the start of your turn again and the toon selector is back on one of the other taunting characters but no one has necessarily countered? Still the same thing kinda.

    If you simply cant target a toon that has direct focus 'marked' on them then i am going to need pics of a vid because i dont see how that can happen
  • As stated, marked shareds the same priority with taunt. You should be able to equally select characters that are either marked or have taunt. Counter attacks will randomly choose which one to attack. The only reason this should not work is if you mark DR (no assists will occur but DR should still be marked), or JKR has Corrupted Battle meditation, so he can ignore taunt and call the assist but the enemy selected will not be marked because he can't inflict debuffs with CBM.
  • Vos_Landeck
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    Direct Focus inflicts "Marked" which is tagged in the game mechanics as a debuff. Its description says it cannot be evaded or resisted but does not say it can't be prevented. If Fallen Bastila is getting Corrupted Battle Meditation up on your JKR, then the Mark, Buff Immunity, Stun, etc. would be prevented...that would mean your JKR is pretty slow if, even with all of his bonus speed, he can't outspeed the opposing Fallen Bastila. If that's the case, then you'll need to get your JKR faster or wait to use Direct Focus after the Corrupted Battle Meditation wears off...it has a 1 turn duration.
  • Thanks for all the replies...

    Gives me at least something to play with and look for... maybe I can re-select and it's just my old fat fingers. :smile:
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