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If you search ‘lag’ in the forum you will see a lot of conversations that the moderator Kyno has moved to ‘Answers HQ’, thereby making it impossible to begin a conversation and understand the extent of the issue. I am an iOS user and I’ve recently opened up 2 cases with CG concerning connection problems. One cost me at my arena payout and today it cost me a victory leading the an entire round loss in GAC. My concern is understanding the extent of this issue with other affected users. For the health of the game, CG needs to fix this issue as new players will not stay and enjoy a game with these kinds of things affecting overall enjoyment.


  • But the only way bugs have any chance of getting fixed is if you post on Answers HQ.

    Posting here and insisting the thread stays open will not contribute anything towards fixing the issue.

    Presumably your priority is for it to be fixed? Not just to have somewhere people can come and complain about it?
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    It is not moved to Answers HQ. It is moved to a place on the forums that people can still search and find, so that they know the correct place to go to post and discuss these types of issues.

    Answers HQ is the EA Help website, follow the link to check it out. You can report and discuss your issues there.
    Your topic has been moved to the Bugs and Issues Archive. For better assistance and functionality, please report your bug over at Answers HQ.

    You’ll be able to find direct links to all the existing SWGOH forum boards on Answers HQ so you can easily navigate between both forums.

    Please visit the Answers HQ forums by clicking the link below!
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