What are Galactic Legends?

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We’ve announced that the first two Galactic Legends will be Kylo and Rey, but what exactly are Galactic Legends and how do they differ from Legendary, Hero’s Journey, or Epic Confrontation units?

Galactic Legends will be some of the most powerful characters in Galaxy of Heroes and will have several unique mechanics. We want these characters to plug and play into many different teams but also have a specific squad that they are particularly well suited for. For example, Galactic Legend Rey could lead a great Resistance squad due to several abilities that affect Resistance units but could also work well with just about any light side squad as she has abilities that also directly target all Light Side characters.

Part of this relates to how Galactic Legends manipulate the Mastery stat. Introduced with Relics last year, the Mastery stat provides different stat bonuses based on the character’s role and is a core part of how Galactic Legends will be interacting with their squad or their opponent’s. All characters with Relics have Mastery so no matter who you pair up with a Galactic Legend, they will get a boost to their stats. The ability to manipulate Mastery means Galactic Legends will be useful for a variety of teams but you can only have one Galactic Legend per team.

Another unique aspect of Galactic Legends is their Ultimate ability. Similar to a Capital ship, these abilities charge up over the course of battle and allow Galactic Legends to unleash their full power. Each Galactic Legend will have a Ultimate ability that’s visually striking and often strong enough to turn the tide of battle.

That’s the basics for Galactic Legends and we’ll have more to share this week. Thanks for reading and please keep in mind that these details are subject to change as these characters are still in development. See you on the Holotables!

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