New Tiers for Assault Battles

posts SWGOH Dev Team
edited January 2020
Hi Holotable Heroes!

Over the next couple updates we’re going to be adding brand new Challenge Tiers to the Assault Battles in the game. The first Assault Battles to receive these new tiers are Forest Moon and Places of Power. Each of these new tiers is tuned to be even more difficult than the Mythic Tier, and offer rewards appropriate for that difficulty.

The first tier, Challenge Tier I, recommends you to bring in characters that are Relic 3 or higher. Successful completion of the 8 waves of enemies will reward you with the following:
  • 5x Injector Cell Salvage
  • 5x Injector Handle Salvage
  • 5x Injector Head Salvage
  • 10x Mk 9 Kyrotech Battle Computer Prototype Salvage
  • 10x Mk 7 Kyrotech Shock Prod Prototype Salvage
  • 2x Ability Material Zeta
Note: There are no “First Time” rewards for Challenge Tiers, you will receive the normal rewards every time you are able to complete it.

The second tier (Challenge Tier II, obviously) is truly a test for your characters, recommends the characters to be Relic 5 or even higher. If you make it past the 8 waves of enemies on this tier, you will be rewarded with the following:
  • 3x Flawed Signal Data
  • 3x Incomplete Signal Data
  • 5x Fragmented Signal Data
  • 3x Electrum Conductor
  • 5x Aurodium Heatsink
  • 10x Chromium Transistor
  • 10x Bronzium Wiring
  • 10x Carbonite Circuit Board

All of us hope you enjoy the new challenge, and even more so the rewards, of these new tiers of Assault Battles.

See you on the Holotables!


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