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How calculates landing debuffs?
I have a r7 Chewie with 110% Tenacity and fight several GAS with Potency from 60% - 80% ... and it feels like I never resist the daze after GAS wakes up.
How is the chance to calulate the chance of a debuff ... I thought Tenacity - Potency is the chance to resist ... is this correct? So I might need a Tenacity of 160% to surely resist a GAS with 60% Potency?
Right at the I switched back to low Tenacity for getting more damage ... it's OK for almost every GAS-Team on my shard. If I do more damage at the beginning, the first sitdown comes faster and I can kill more clones.
Just wanted to understand Tenacity <-> Potency correctly.


  • yes, the chance to resist a debuff (or another effect) is tenacity - potency
  • A GAS with 100% potency you will need a cheque with 200% tenacity. add the potency of the opponent With your tenacity and that's how much you need to resist any debuff
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